How can i use structured data to improve my seo services results?

How to use structured data to improve your website's rich SEOIdentify results for your set of keywords. Find more schema annotations relevant to your site. Define the content of the markup tags. Encode it or use an add-on.

Breadcrumbs “indicate the position of a page in the site hierarchy, according to Google. Navigation paths appear on mobile devices, instead of a URL, above the title of the results page and next to the site's favicon (starting in 2011). They help users understand the relationship of a page with the rest of the website. We show you how to use structured data to show navigation routes in the results.

Structured data can also be used to improve non-SERP functions. Social cards display images and rich text when links are shared on social networks. Any organization that uses social networks to share content must use appropriate social markup, such as the Open Graph Protocol. This is the only tool on this list that isn't free (although it offers a 14-day free trial for you to initially consult some web pages), but for good reason it also offers a more complete and complete SEO analysis of your website.

External SEO refers to optimization that takes place in a place other than your website, but that provides search engines with additional information about what your site is doing, what type of social proof you have, and even a better view of your products and services.

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