How can i use content marketing to improve my seo services results?

Based on the Content Marketing Institute's B2C content marketing benchmarks, budgets and trends, 62% of content marketers analyze their website traffic when it comes to measuring success. In addition, 39% believe that content marketing SEO rankings are crucial. In terms of length, Ghergich recommends publications of 1500 to 3000 words containing visual resources. These include images and videos scattered throughout the content that are useful to readers.

Images and videos are important because they decrease the likelihood that a person will leave your page quickly. If someone visits your site and only browses for 30 seconds before leaving, and this happens often, it means that you may have a high bounce rate. Long-form content that's divided with images, headings, and bullet points will attract your potential customers. For example, they may recommend optimizing images for both platforms, as well as minimizing HTML and CSS.

In general, the rules are the same for both mobile devices and desktop computers; the difference is that you can have larger images (20-100 kb), flash and more complex designs on your desktop page. Use free search tools to find out which SEO keywords will help you rank. For example, you can use Google's Keyword Planner to analyze which keywords already rank higher on Google. If the above facts have led you to take any steps to market your content seriously, then the first step is to master the technique of bringing your SEO content to the right audience in a way that helps you improve the SEO positioning of your website.

This is why top-tier content marketing companies have relationships with SEO experts; they know that they need SEO to make content work.

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